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Discover an exciting opportunity to join our team at one of India's premier EdTech companies. We are on the forefront of transforming education, and we invite talented individuals to embark on a journey of innovation and impact. At our company, we nurture creativity, value diversity, and foster an environment where your ideas can thrive.

Join us to be a part of a dynamic community, dedicated to redefining learning and shaping the future of education in India. Unleash your potential and grow with us as we continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of countless learners. Your career with us awaits.

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen, and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, you need to be a person who makes things happen.

Current Openings

The English Trainer is responsible for delivering training sessions to teachers, focusing on language and communication skills enhancement. This role involves extensive travel across India to conduct workshops, seminars, and training programs, empowering educators with effective English language teaching techniques and strategies.

Join us for an exciting career in English education. Explore new horizons, empower others, and make a lasting impact with us.

To apply, please send your resume to:

The Marketing Executive will play a pivotal role in promoting our products across India. This position demands extensive travel, conducting product presentations and campaigns. The executive will be responsible for effectively communicating the unique features and benefits of our offerings to a wide and diverse audience.

Embrace an exciting marketing career with us. Be part of innovative campaigns, reach diverse audiences, and shape the future of marketing.

To apply, please send your resume to:

The Mathematics Trainer role involves traveling across India to provide comprehensive training sessions to teachers. This includes equipping educators with effective teaching methodologies, curriculum enhancements, and the latest educational trends in mathematics.

Embark on an exciting mathematics career journey with us. Empower educators, inspire students, and make a meaningful impact. Join today!

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The Unity Developer is responsible for designing, coding, and implementing innovative 2D and 3D games or interactive applications using Unity software. This role involves collaborating with the game design team, optimizing performance, and staying updated with the latest Unity developments and gaming technologies to deliver engaging and immersive user experiences.

Join our team for an exhilarating career in Unity development. Create immersive experiences and shape the future of interactive technology.

To apply, please send your resume to:
Our Benefits

At our company, we prioritize the well-being and growth of our employees. Our benefits package includes competitive salaries, health and wellness programs, professional development opportunities, and a collaborative work environment. We value work-life balance, offering flexible schedules and opportunities for advancement. Join us for a fulfilling career with ample benefits.

Our Culture

Our culture is built on innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity. We foster a dynamic work environment that encourages creativity, continuous learning, and mutual respect. Teamwork and adaptability are core values as we strive for excellence while embracing diversity. We're committed to making a positive impact in our community and beyond.

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Join our dynamic team and be a part of something remarkable. We offer a stimulating and inclusive work environment, where your skills and ideas are valued. Together, we'll create a brighter future, drive innovation, and make a meaningful impact in our industry. Your journey begins with us.