Sujatha Reddy

Founder and CEO

Mrs. Sujatha Reddy, a dedicated educator with over a decade of teaching experience, possesses a profound understanding of the educational landscape. Her passion for service-oriented education led her to establish SR Edu Tech, where she has significantly elevated the standard of technical and skill-based learning in schools. Mrs. Sujatha Reddy's meticulous approach to management ensures all company activities are well-organized and executed within defined timelines. In her 14 years of entrepreneurial journey, she has led the company to remarkable success, extending its influence to over 1550 schools worldwide. Her visionary leadership and commitment to quality education have been instrumental in the company's growth and impact.

Janardhan Chidumalla

Director of administration

Mr. Janardhan Chidumalla, the Director of Administration, brings over 15 years of invaluable expertise in finance and administration to his role. With a profound understanding of organizational operations, he plays a pivotal role in recruiting highly qualified professionals, teachers, and support staff, ensuring the seamless functioning of the company. His astute financial acumen contributes to the effective management of revenue streams associated with clients and partners. Mr. Chidumalla's responsibilities encompass not only the day-to-day administrative operations but also the development and implementation of strategic planning.

Mahesh Hemnani

Director of Sales and Marketing

Mr.Mahesh Hemnani, a dynamic professional manages all aspects related to the production and implementation of any given campaign.He makes analytical strategies to lead the teams & ensures everything runs smoothly from start to finish with clients and colleagues alike. With more than 12 years of experience, he stirs the marketing strategies and efforts in order to strengthen the company’s market position and achieve desired business goals. With his visionary insight & highly adaptive out of the box strategies & sharp problem solving skills,he generates business & adds value to the company.